Tools For Rent
  • OTC hub puller 7947
  • AC line crimp toolto make ac hoses 1500 hydracrimp
  • Astro 7897 hub press tool on car removal
  • Fan clutch removal and install for ford gm and chrysler
  • OTC 5605 deluxe compression tester kit
  • Procrafe punch flange tool ac 200 and ac3005



  • Steelman wireless chassis EAR
  • Vacutec smoke machine emissions evaporative tester
  • Yellow jacket vacuum pump
  • Astro pnuematic 78200 fan clutch tool european domestic
  • Fuel injector test kit
  • Stinger otc 4542 larger socket kit spindle nuts
  • Astro pnuematic 7875rear axle bearing puller set
  • Ewik volvo cam tool kit
  • Matco clt2apb compression leak down kit
  • Phoenix injector reverse brake bleeder gun
  • Micro lite dye check light and glasses
  • Universal radiator pressure tester with bmw and marques reservoir test adapter part #mtn4356
  • Matco deluxe bolt grip set stp500m steering wheel puller and harmonic balancer puller
  • Compression tester with dtop dead center whistle
  • Dail bore gauge 2″to 6″ .0005 “graduations
  • Power steering pressure tester tu-22a-p
  • Power steering puller and installer lisle.



  • Steelman electronic EAR
  • Diesel compression test kit tu-15-53
  • Slide hammer blind hole bearing puller set bh581
  • Atd flaring tool kit with double adapters



  • Ring gap cleaning tool and piston clamp install tool
  • Lisle oil filter adapter for oil pressure testing at oil filter mount
  • Harmonic balance puller for hole on balancer like on dodge 2.7 and 3.5 engines lisle 49500
  • Vairous hub and steering wheel puller bolts and pullers
  • Various balcamp radiator pressure tester adapters
  • Stant various radiator pressure adapter
  • Snap on digital timing light with rpm and tdc adjustable buttons


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