Local Support For Recycling


  • Local trash company Recycling – A local recycling company picks up our Plastic and  glass weekly.
  • Metal Recycling – Larger steel pieces, aluminum and other metals are collected, and recycled. Heavy metals are also reclaimed out of catalytic converters and radiators.
  • Waste Oil Disposal and Recycling Our waste oil is picked up by an approved recycling company that diverts materials from disposal by turning waste products into raw materials. This also keeps these toxic materials from contaminating the water system. We also crush our oil filters, to recover as much oil as possible for recycling. They also recycle the oil filters , they crush them and reclaim the oil and steel from the filters.
  • Antifreeze Recycling – Antifreeze is picked up by an outside company that cleans and re-processes it into recycled coolant. Recycling coolant keeps harmful antifreeze components from entering the environment. It also reduces the burden on natural resources, eliminating the need to manufacture glycol from petroleum and natural gas.
  • Aluminum – Can recycling is donated to Peachtreecity fire department burn fund and can tabs donated to local for kidney dialysis through friend at local church where they are collected .
  • Batteries – From tools and battery backups are recycled along with older florescent bulbs. To save on electricity we have been converting our light to led lamps that last longer too and reduce our dependency on electricity.
  • Fallen Trees – When trees fall in the neighborhood businesses, I have been picking up wood and using it for heat.


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